Monday, April 5, 2010

Tree Farm of the Year Winners 2010

Steve and Janet Funk, Steve Bloedel (presenter), Steve and (Kathleen) Funk w/ grandson Garret (kneeling in front), Janelle and (Jeff) Sells (next to Steve and Janet), David Funk (on left side)
Farm Bureau Couple win 2010 Idaho Outstanding Tree Farmer of the Year Award

Coeur d' Alene--Steve and Janet Funk received the 2010 Idaho Outstanding Tree Farmer of the Year Award from the American Tree Farm Association. They farm several hundred acres of trees in the Wolf Lodge area just east of Coeur d’Alene Idaho.

The American Tree Farm System, founded in 1941 promotes sustainable management of forests on 26 million acres of privately owned forest land comprised of 80,000 forest owners. This is a voluntary program and the Intermountain Forestry Association sponsors this program.

The American Forest Foundation sets the standards for the American Tree Farm System that forest owners look to for sustainable forest management. The primary purpose of the American Forest Foundation is outreach and education.

Steve and Janet Funk manage their tree operation in accordance with the standards set by the American Forest Foundation. In addition, they have also done a lot of educational activities on their farm to help other forest owners learn sustainable management practices. It is their hard work and dedication to managing their own farm and educating others in sustainable forest practices that has landed them this prestigious award.

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