Monday, June 14, 2010

American Farm Bureau Public Relations Conference

Jack Fisher of the Ohio Farm Bureau addresses the the annual PR Conference-Steve Ritter photo
Engage and Listen, When fighting Ballot Propositions

Madison-Jack Fisher of the Ohio Farm Bureau addressed the AFBF Conference this morning in Madison. Fisher helped coordinate and mastermind the successful proposition 2 fight on the Ohio Ballot this past year.

Last February, HSUS leaders Wayne Pacelle and Paul Shapiro sat down with agriculture groups in Ohio and announced plans to bring California’s contentious Proposition 2 to the state that ranks second in egg production and ninth in swine, nationally. The group unsuccessfully tried to put a citizen referendum to ban sow gestation stalls, veal crates and battery cages for layer hens on the ballot, the measure failed by a 2-1 margin.

The Ohio Farm Bureau, the National Pork Producers Council, the United Egg Producers, and other agribusiness concerns raised $4 million in a major campaign to push the passage of Issue 2.

Fisher says while the HSUS tired to divide farm groups it was a successful grass-root campaign that opened up dialogue that unified producers and influenced the public as well.

"Communications had a lot to do with unification of all the County Farm Bureaus in Ohio, but we are not there yet, because there's a challenge again this year, we are going to engage HSUS and work hard to understand where they're coming from;" said Fisher.

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John said...

The United Egg Producers is a discredited trade organization with a sordid history of consumer fraud and animal cruelty. The “UEP Certified” program allows hens to be confined in cages that provide each animal less space than a sheet of paper to spend her life. More at

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