Wednesday, June 16, 2010

American Farm Bureau Public Relations Conference

Stallman Addresses Conference
Madison--American Farm Bureau President Bob Stallman addressed the AFBF Public Relations Conference in Madison, Wisconsin.

Stallman talked at length about image and trust campaigns in American Agriculture. The President of the AFBF told state staff members that in 30 years of Farm Bureau leadership that only a few days passed when farm members did'nt say 'we need to do a better job telling the farmers story.' Stallman told PR staff that we need to do a better job listening to farm members.

"Questions about food production and eating were discussed back in Roman times and not much has changed since then," said Stallman. "That fact that we need to eat food, dictates the fact that we will talk about it along with philosophical musings on production, what we eat, whats best for us, health wise. Those discussions only occur after your need for calories are met. These debates don't occur in countries where they scramble each day to feed themselves. Only after we get fat and happy do we engage in debate."

Stallman says PR staff is listening and acting on a number of initiatives and making sure that each and every critic's concern is met and addressed through innovative trust campaigns and new social medias.

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