Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Just in from the University of Idaho

Wet Spring Delays Kimberly, Aberdeen Weed Research Tours Until June 22, 23

TWIN FALLS, Idaho – Even weeds are slow to grow in the cold, wet weather across Idaho this spring, says Don Morishita, University of Idaho professor of weed science and extension specialist at the Kimberly Research and Extension Center.
Plants are growing so slowly that the annual Kimberly Weed Research tour will be delayed a week until June 22 as will a similar tour at Aberdeen June 23.

"We've had to delay the tours because it's so cold and wet here that everything's behind," Morishita said.The University of Idaho Snake River Weed Research Tours will be held at the Kimberly Research and Extension Center at 3806 North 3600 East near Kimberly and the Aberdeen Research and Extension Center at 1693 South 2700 West near Aberdeen.

Registration at both locations will begin at 8 a.m. with the tour starting at 8:30 a.m. A sponsored lunch at noon will conclude the weed tours. Attendees will receive three Idaho State Department of Agriculture pesticide applicator recertification credits at each location.The agenda for the

Kimberly tour includes:
Sugar beet and chicory

· Effect of strip tillage in irrigation requirements, weed emergence and growth, insect behavior, and disease incidence

· Comparison of weed control treatments in furrow irrigated strip tillage sugar beets

· Comparison of soil active herbicides tank mixed with Roundup for weed control in strip tillage sugar beets

· Effect of straw residue level and nitrogen placement and rate on strip tillage sugar beets

· Weed control in conventional beets with various products used with glyphosate

· Comparing Roundup Ready sugar beets to conventional sugar beets for weed control and yield

· Evaluating Quadris fungicide tank mixed with glyphosate for crop safety, disease incidence and weed control

· Comparing fungicides for Rhizoctonia control in sugar beets

· Comparison of insecticide seed treatments for leaf miner control in sugar beets

· Evaluation of registered and non-registered herbicides for weed control in chicory

. Cereals and corn· Broadleaf weed control with pyroxsulam in spring wheat

· Wild oat control with broadleaf and wild oat herbicide combinations

· Crop tolerance and broadleaf weed control with Huskie alone and in tank mixture

· Crop tolerance and weed control with BAS810H compared to other broadleaf herbicides

· Volunteer chicory control in spring wheat

· Volunteer chicory control in field corn

· Broadleaf weed control in field corn.Potatoes

· Comparing 2- and 3-way tank mixtures for weed control in potatoes

· Effect of CIPC-treated potato seed on potato growth and developmentPeas, dry beans and soybeans

. Preplant and pre-emergence weed control in podded peas

· Edamame soybean variety response to Treflan and Dual Magnum

· Broadleaf and grass weed control in dry beans.

The agenda for the Aberdeen tour includes:

· Tolerance of newly released potato varieties to Outlook, Chateau, and Reflex

· Weed control with Reflex tank-mixtures

· Weed control with Matrix tank-mixtures

· Weed control with pyroxasulfone tank-mixtures

· Weed control with Solida (rimsulfuron) pre- and post-emergence in potatoes.

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