Friday, June 11, 2010

Just in

Chicago--MILK PRODUCTION in the U.S. was up 1.5 percent in April . This is the third month of higher year-over-year output. Milk per cow is up 3.5 percent. The are 186,000 fewer cows than last year, but 14,000 more (9.096 million) than in December.

CHEESE IN STORAGE now at 26-year high with April inventories totaling 1.012 billion pounds compared to November 1984’s 1.044 billion pounds. Cheese stocks were 8 percent above a year ago and 2 percent above a month earlier. Butter stocks were down 14 percent from last year but were up 6 percent over March.

Rate change

Theres change brewing on the Idaho range Boise-The Idaho Department of Lands wants to modify the grazing rate charged to ranchers on Ida...