Friday, August 27, 2010

Cascade Fire

Tom Mount watches the airshow from his Cascade Lake home--Steve Ritter photo

Fire Forces Evacuation
Near Cascade--Residents near Tamarack Resort packed up their up their belongings and evacuated their homes Thursday after deputies ordered them to leave.

The terse order came from the Valley County Sheriff's Office who worried that red-flag warnings could push the wildfire burning on West Mountain toward swanky subdivisions at Tamarack but the big winds never materialized last night and homes were safe, at least until this afternoon.

Homeowners in the subdivisions between Hurd and Poison Creek were put under Level 3 evacuation orders, that order is still in effect until unsettled weather stabilizes across Southwest Idaho. Fire forecasters say their biggest concern remains the unpredicable weather which sparked dozens of new, smaller fires in the Boise National Forest in the past 24 hours, wetter cooler weather is helping ease the explosive situation.

The Hurd Fire doubled in size Thursday and has now blackened about 1,000 acres, mostly along the upper mountain range. So far, the fire has not moved down into the valley. The winds are moving north to northeast.
About 700 emergency crews remain on the scene, including 21 crews, 10 helicopters and 21 fire engines. A Level 2 evacuation is in effect for the Tamarack subdivision area. A Level 2 evacuation means people in that area should be ready to leave at a moment's notice.

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