Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Just in from Pocatello

Well-Testing Offered in Cassia, Minidoka Counties

POCATELLO — The Idaho Farm Bureau Federation is offering domestic water well and spring testing in Cassia and Minidoka Counties starting August 18th.

“This is a great benefit for our members; it gives them peace of mind knowing what’s in their drinking water,” said IFBF Project Coordinator Chuck Garner. “Nitrate is a naturally occurring element in ground water, and those levels can change from year to year. Cities test all the time; it’s just a good idea to have the well water tested.”

The IFBF first initiated well testing back in 1990 to provide for the health and safety of our members. To date more than 5,300 wells were sampled in 27 Idaho counties. “The last time we did Cassia/Minidoka counties we had more than 170 samples,” said Garner. “We’re hoping to better that number this time around.”

Landowners in Cassia and Minidoka Counties can buy sample bottles at the Cassia/Minidoka Farm Bureau office at 444 E. 5th North in Burley starting on Wednesday, August 18th up to the following Wednesday for $15 per sample. The Analytical Laboratory at the University of Idaho will run the tests and provide results for those taking part in the program.

Well owners will bring their sample bottles back to the Farm Bureau offices on August 25th. “We want all the samples collected that morning,” said Garner. “The people taking park will have an instruction sheet with their test bottle, things like how to draw the water, letting it run so we can get a true sample. We’ve instructed them to put the sample on ice for more accuracy. If the procedures are followed we can get a very accurate sample.”

Background: The Idaho Farm Bureau Federation initiated a Well Testing program in 1990. A total of 5,353 well samples (including 1,991 quality assurance samples) have been collected from private wells in 27 Idaho counties.

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