Tuesday, August 31, 2010

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California Farmer Says Caged Hens Produce Safer Eggs

San Francisco--Animal welfare activists are saying the recall of half a billion eggs from two large Iowa farms shows that the battery cages used in Iowa are linked to the salmonella outbreak and are a threat to food safety in addition to being cruel to hens. However, Arnie Riebli, a Petaluma, Calif., chicken farmer and president of the Association of California Egg Farmers, whose family runs Sunrise Farms, a million-hen operation, emphasizes that cages are safer.

“In a caged environment you are separating the birds from their feces,” Riebli said. “In a cage-free environment you do not do that. You allow the birds to walk in it and you allow the birds to eat it. Believe me, all you’re doing is feeding them bacteria. Would you allow a small child to play in his excrement or eat his excrement?”

San Francisco Chronicle article

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