Tuesday, November 23, 2010

This is the Idaho Farm Bureau

Boise--The Idaho Farm Bureau has just completed production of a new 17 minute film called 'This is the Idaho Farm Bureau.'

The short-film explains the inner-workings of Idaho's largest farm organization, explaining the history, purpose and function of the farm group now in its seventh decade. The release comes just in time for the 71st annual meeting at the Red Lion Riverside November 30th to December 2nd.

"The Idaho Farm Bureau Federation and Insurance always get confused, we wanted to make a distinction between the two," said Jake Putnam who wrote and directed the film. "The Federation was formed by and for farmers, it's one of the great grass root organizations of the state and the impact of the organization on Idaho is incalculable."

In the film, there's little narration, instead members explain in their words how Farm Bureau works. "It's interesting to get all the different takes, one thing is for sure Farm Bureau is bottoms up, all policy decisions come from the members, the Federation is a political force with a mission of letting Idaho Farmers, farm," added Putnam.

The film will premiere at the Annual Meeting, with a version also premiering on the Idaho Farm Bureau Channel on YouTube sometime next week.

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