Wednesday, December 1, 2010

71st Annual Meeting

Boise--Idaho Farm Bureau President Frank Priestley awarded the President's Cup to long-time members Don and Judy Hale. Don passed away last spring after more than three decades of service to the organization and Idaho water users.

"He started out as a ditch rider for our irrigation ditches.We were at the end of the ditch and we get shorted all the time. So he did the ditch riding to make sure we got our water, he was so good and so fair that he worked for the neighbors too," said wife Judy Hale.

I think at one point he discovered the committee of nine early on but it was quite a long time ago and he volunteered as an alternate and got put on there. At first he just went to the meetings and got put on as an alternate. You don’t get paid as an alternate. You just go and sit in on the meetings unless you are replacing whoever and it just hit and he really liked that. It meshed really well with what he wanted to accomplish and yea he got appointed and became chairman after a few years.

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