Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas and Agriculture

Ballard cheese--Ritter photo
Holiday Shopping Helps Some Small Farms to Diversify
Gooding-- The holiday shopping season is proving to be an important winter revenue stream for a number of small farms across the country seeking to diversify.

Ballard Cheese offered online christmas shopping this year from their website sending out blocks of gourmet cheese all over the U.S. for shoppers while other farms are discovering that maple syrup, jams, pies, hams and other popular holiday items are a good way to make money during a typically quiet period. In Vermont, holiday farmers’ markets are gaining in popularity.

"Certainly with the holiday season being a great time of eating, a lot of people are excited about making holiday meals from local foods,” said Jean Hamilton, direct marketing coordinator for Northeast Organic Farming Association of Vermont.
--Bloomberg article

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