Friday, December 3, 2010

Parking lot predator

A hungry coyote feasts on a squirrel in the Parking lot--Putnam photo

Heavy Snowfall drives wildlife into the city

Boise--Ten inches of snow in the Boise foothills is driving wildlife from their traditional winter grounds into the urban-interface. Foxes, deer, Coyotes are common sites on the Boise Front as food becomes more and more scarce.

Fish and Game biologists suspect that there is an increase in coyotes in Boise because they’ve had two good years of breeding and survival. It could be a cyclical thing in their population.

They have always been in the Boise area but more may be wandering into town for easy meals and getting used to humans. This coyote was spotted across the alley from the Idaho Farm Bureau Building on 5th and Washington, he chased down a squirrel and in a matter of seconds had breakfast.

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