Friday, December 31, 2010

Rural Representation shrinks

Census Points to Less Rural Representation in Congress

Washington--According to the latest U.S. Census numbers, urban areas continue to grow nationwide and will gain congressional seats, while rural areas will have less representation in Congress. The change could make it more difficult to build support for federal farm programs, Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack said during an appearance on Iowa Public Television’s “Iowa Pressprogram.

“Because we have agricultural production that is the best in the world, consumers have a tremendous advantage in America,” Vilsack said. “We only spend about 10 percent to 15 percent of our paycheck for groceries. Part of the reason we do that is because we have a strong safety net for those producers who are faced with bad weather or bad markets. That allows them to stay in business.”

During the program, Vilsack also noted that revitalizing rural economies is essential in order to repopulate rural communities and return political strength to rural America.

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