Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Ag Coalition Sends Response to House Budget Committee

Washington--Last Tuesday, the House Agriculture Committee sent its budget views and estimates letter to the House Budget Committee outlining budget recommendations for the agencies and programs under its jurisdiction for fiscal year 2012.

On Friday, the American Farm Bureau Federation joined The collation letter stressed that the cost of farm policy has decreased over the past 10 years and that agriculture has already taken cuts, providing savings to the federal government. The letter pointed out that agriculture is cyclical and cannot rely on the current high prices for most commodities to continue.

“Agriculture has always contributed to deficit reduction in the past when called upon,” the coalition letter stated. “However, we do feel strongly that any contribution must be commensurate with our effect on the budget. Disproportionate contributions have already been exacted from the agriculture sector. We are optimistic that in the development of the budget a much more equitable methodology will be utilized.”

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