Friday, March 25, 2011

Just in from Washington

USDA Decisions Boost Biotech Crops Over Organic Crops

Washington--An article in Thursday' Washington Post says a trio of decisions by the Agriculture Department in recent weeks has clouded the future of organic crops and boosted the position of biotech crops.

The Post reports that USDA’s decision to approve biotech alfalfa and biotech corn for ethanol and grant limited approval of biotech sugar beets was applauded by the biotech industry. But organic supporters were furious, saying their hopes that the Obama administration would protect their interests were dashed, according to the Post.

“To a growing cadre of consumers who pay attention to how their food is produced, the agriculture wars are nothing short of operatic, pitting technology against tradition in a struggle underscored by politics and profits,” Post reporter Lyndsey Layton wrote.

American Farm Bureau Federation policy calls for state and national political leaders to develop a positive national strategy for biotechnology research, development and consumer education.

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Louis said...

It would be beneficial to see some more harmony with these two facets of agriculture. Each have their place, and need to be recognized for their importance. Louie

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