Thursday, March 31, 2011

Just in from Boise

Cal Croen says goodbye--Wally Butler photo

Boise--Idaho Department of Fish and Game Director Cal Groen attended his retirement party Tuesday night in Boise.

For the last 4 years Cal Groen brought reasoned and steady management to Fish and Game. One of his biggest challenges was wolf management. "I think the wolf population has fully recovered, I think we've done a great job. But having it tied up in court over legal technicalities was extremely frustrating." Groen says the department did everything right.

Groen worked for Fish and Game 21 years and wildlife management for more than 30. He says one of the challenges for the department is funding “we need a broader funding base. 90 percent of the people love wildlife, yet only the hunters and fishermen, 20 percenty are paying for it. Everybody should be allowed to contribute if you play, you pay." Groen said.

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