Monday, April 11, 2011

Just in from Washington

Stallman Expresses Concern on Cuts to Safety Net

AFBF President Bob Stallman said America’s farmers and ranchers are willing to do their part to help balance the nation’s budget and cut the crippling federal deficit, and Farm Bureau applauds efforts to put the United States back on a path toward a more responsible federal budget. But he said Farm Bureau is concerned about cuts that might impact the safety net that supports farmers.

“It must be pointed out that even before any cuts, farm program expenditures have been falling for years,” Stallman stressed.

"It is vital that decisions to cut farm program spending be made with a recognition of the cyclical nature of our farm economy and its ties to a global economy that can be even more volatile,” Stallman said. “The cost of our safety net varies by market condition. For example, even before any proposed cuts, projections indicate a downward trend in farm program spending in the 2011 fiscal year. Expenditures will be down by about 13 percent compared to the 2010 fiscal year.

That is a clear sign our farm bill works as intended and costs less when commodity prices are higher.”

AFBF statement

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