Monday, May 9, 2011

Food for thought

Stallman: Room for All in Agriculture

Washington--American Farm Bureau President fired off a letter to the Washington Post on Friday in response to a column written by Eric Schlosser. “When it comes to the state of America’s food and agriculture systems, it is unlikely we will ever agree with Eric Schlosser,”

Stallman was responding to the column, “Healthy food for all: Why is that elitist?,” by Schlosser published last Sunday. Schlosser is the author of “Fast Food Nation: The Dark Side of the All-American Meal” and co-producer of the documentary “Food Inc.”

“There is no doubt that a handful of thought leaders aspire to dictate what is placed on America’s dinner tables. That’s not name-calling; it’s the context of our nation’s ongoing food debate,” Stallman wrote in his letter.

“What should be un-debatable is that today Americans have more food choices and spend less of their disposable income on food than practically anyone else on Earth. Americans are living longer than ever; part of that progress must be attributed to the quality and safety of our food production system,” Stallman wrote. “Family-owned farms make up more than 97 percent of our nation’s farms, and there is plenty of room for those who choose to farm for fancy stores and high-end restaurants. We also want to make sure that food choices are preserved for Americans who want to make the most of their food dollars.”

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