Tuesday, May 3, 2011

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Snowpack across Idaho Above Average

Lowman--Proof positive that it's still winter in the mountains. Ron Abramovich of the NRCS and IDWR snow survey crew measuring the snow at Mores Creek Creeek Summit in Boise County.

Mores Creek Summit, elevation 6,100 feet

Today’s Average Today’s Average

Snow Water Snow Water Depth Depth

37.0 inches 28.5 89 63

Bad Bear Snow Course, elevation 4,940 feet

9.7 inches 3.8 26 9

The snowpack at Mores Creek is 130% of average for today. Overall, the Boise basin snowpack is 119% of average while the Big Wood basin is 121% of average.

However, the Boise and Big Wood snowpacks are the lowest in the state. Concerns about this year’s snowmelt runoff are greater in eastern Idaho and the Upper Snake in Wyoming, where the snowpack is at or near record high levels for at 160-190% of average. Warmer temperatures are needed now to start melting the mid-elevation snowpack before the higher elevation snowpack starts melting in the second half of May.

Link to Idaho of map of today’s snowpack:


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