Tuesday, June 14, 2011

How the other half, farms--

Farm Bureau Visits Cherrystone Farms in Virginia
Cape Charles, Va--Cherrystone Aqua Farms raises some of the best Oysters and Clams on the Eastern seaboard.

The American Farm Bureau Federation Public Affairs conference toured the farm Monday afternoon.The farm is a division of Ballard Fish and Oyster Company and been in business since 1895.

The clams and oysters are grown in the high-salinity waters of Cherrystone Creek on Virginia's Eastern Shore. The clams and oysters are unique because they're grown in the creek that flows into the Chesapeake bay where workers carefully handle, then immediately refrigerate, pack and ship worldwide.

"Our advantages are year-round availability, consistent grade, quaranteed count and shelf life, and best of all our stable pricing," said Dee Pierson. "Our littleneck clams could, quite possibly, be the perfect food. High-protein and low-calorie, littleneck clams from Cherrystone Aqua Farms are grown without the use of antibiotics, steroids or other feed additives."

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