Monday, July 4, 2011

Just in from Washington

June Farm Price Index Up 4 Percent From May

Washington--The index of prices received by farmers was up in June to 181 percent of its 1990-1992 base, up 4 percent from the May index and 34 percent above the June 2010 index. For all crops, the index stands at 213, up 6 percent from May and 49 percent above June 2010. For all livestock and products, the June index is 152, unchanged from last month but up 18 percent from June 2010.

On the crops side, the corn price, at $6.58 per bushel, is up 28 cents from last month and $3.17 above June 2010. The soybean price, at $13.30 per bushel, increased 10 cents from May and is $3.85 above June 2010 and the June all wheat price, at $7.85 per bushel, is down 31 cents from May but $3.69 above June 2010. Compared with a year ago, prices are higher for milk, cattle, hogs, eggs, turkeys and calves. Broiler prices are down from last year.

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