Friday, July 22, 2011

Just in from Washington

AFBF, Other Groups Urge Timely Action on Deficit Reduction

Washington--The American Farm Bureau Federation and 33 other farm groups sent a letter this week to President Barack Obama and House and Senate leaders urging action soon on a long-term, comprehensive solution to reduce the federal budget deficit.

In the letter, the farm groups stressed that last year’s $6 billion reduction in the budget baseline for agriculture, as reported by the Congressional Budget Office, makes it clear that the farm sector has and will continue to do its part to reduce the deficit. “Agriculture is prepared to take its proportionate share of the budget cuts provided everything is on the table,” the letter stated.

The groups also called for the House and Senate Agriculture committees to determine how reductions would be made because lawmakers on those committees have the expertise “to best evaluate specific programs and to include any changes in the 2012 farm bill in a manner that does not disrupt long-term commitments reflected in current farm legislation.”

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