Monday, August 22, 2011

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Hay Prices Still Strong

Boise--Hay supplies in the Pacific Northwest are tight. The 2011 season began with low hay inventories, and the cool, wet spring significantly delayed the first cutting. Although the region is now moving toward the third cutting, hay yields and quality have been impacted by adverse weather. Strong demand for new crop hay is driving prices toward levels not seen since 2008

“We came into a tight hay market in the first place," said Idaho Farm Bureau President Frank Priestley. "We sold almost all of our hay last year so we came into the first crop hay with no carry- over from last year.We had a very late spring and it delayed us two or three weeks and to top it off it off it got rained on, so the quality of the hay was not there and numbers were down. There wasn’t much quality hay out there, then you have the drought in Texas and across the south, that’s a shortage that has to be made up so there’s a shortage and prices are high,” said Idaho Farm Bureau President Frank Priestley.

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