Friday, September 2, 2011

Cattle News

Research Blends Crops and Livestock Grazing on Same Land

Lincoln--Integrated crop and livestock researchlooking for ways to use the same piece of land to grow crops and also graze cattleis under way at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

UNL crop and livestock specialists are working together to test the feasibility of grazing cattle on various forages planted in rotation between proso millet and wheat on dryland plots at the ag lab north of Sidney.

From a livestock producer’s perspective, grazing such a forage crop would allow a herd to utilize the cropland for a month or so before the next crop is planted, giving native pastures a break from grazing pressure.

From a dryland farmer’s perspective, it would be an opportunity to earn some extra income by reducing the fallow time in a crop rotation. It’s also cheaper to fence the field temporarily and move cattle in to graze, than cutting and baling forage and moving it to pastures to feed the herd.

University of Nebraska-Lincoln news release

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