Tuesday, September 27, 2011

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Final Idaho 2010 Potato Crop numbers down slightly; Sugarbeets up 9 Percent

Blackfoot--On the eve of the 2011 spud harvest, final numbers show that Idaho’s 2010 potato crop came in a bit short at 113 million cwt, that's down of 1.3 percent from earlier estimates. Field run yield of 384 cwt is 5 cwt less than the previous estimate and 31 cwt less than the 2009 crop’s yield.

Total Harvested acres for last year's crop was 294,000 acres, unchanged from the previous estimate. For this year's potato crop, preliminary yield surveys shows that the Russet Burbank accounts for 58.2 percent of the potato acreage planted in Idaho. Russet Norkotah makes up 15.6 percent of plantings, while Ranger Russets are 14.3 percent of the total. Frito Lay varieties, at 1.2 percent, and Umatilla Russet, also at 1.2 percent, complete the top five varieties planted in Idaho for the 2011 crop.

The most notable numbers came nationally where production of 2010 fall potatoes finalized at 367 million cwt, 7 percent below the 2009 crop and 3 percent below 2008. Final production of potatoes from all four seasons in 2010 totalled 403 million cwt, down 7 percent from 2009 and 3 percent below 2008.

Idaho’s 2011 sugarbeet production is forecast to be 5.73 million tons, up 1 percent from the August forecast and up 9 percent from a year ago. Yield of 32.2 tons per acre is up from 2010's 31.0 tons per acre. Harvested acreage is expected to total 178,000 acres, up 8,000 acres from 2010.

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