Friday, September 23, 2011

Onion Harvest is on, Yields down from 2010

The Idaho Onion Harvest is going full speed, according to Middleton farmer Sid Freeman.

Middleton--Sid Freeman says the crop got off to a slow start but that’s not all bad. “What happened is that we had a cooler than normal summer, not many 100 degree days and that meant that the plants were able to grow 24/7, you see they shut down when it gets real hot. The onions had a chance to catch up and its been good for size,” said Freeman.

Packing sheds are not talking prices or yields, but Freeman says demand is down, and prices are down 33 percent below last years record prices. “Input prices are up 10 percent, fuel is up and fertilizer is up,” we don’t know yet how it will all shake out,” he said. "We're thinking we will make money, just not as much as last year."

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