Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Just in from Washington

Stallman Urges Congress to Expedite Trade Pacts

Washington--American Farm Bureau Federation President Bob Stallman welcomed President Barack Obama’s sending of implementing legislation to Congress on Monday to ratify three bilateral free-trade agreements between the United States and Korea, Colombia and Panama.

“America’s farmers and ranchers have much at stake and the fact these three agreements are moving forward is very good news for our economy,” Stallman said.

“Now that the administration has done its part, it’s up to Congress to expedite this matter,” Stallman stressed. “It is vital that this process move forward to ensure the agreements will be put in place as soon as possible so we can restore a level playing field for U.S. exports to these three nations. Without these agreements, over the last four years, Korea, Colombia and Panama have opened their doors to our competitors. A further delay will provide more benefits to our competitors at the expense of our economy.

“Combined, the three FTAs represent nearly $2.5 billion in new agriculture exports and would create the economic growth that could generate support for up to 22,500 U.S. jobs. These gains will only be realized if the three agreements are passed by Congress and implemented.”

AFBF statement

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