Tuesday, November 29, 2011

72nd Annual Convention Underway in Coeur d'Alene

New Caribou County President Ready for Challenges
Coeur d'Alene--Caribou County President Lori Anne Lau is making her first trip to the Farm Bureau Annual Meeting as a President. The 10 year board member took over the reins of CCFB earlier this year. The Farm Bureau's Jake Putnam caught up with her and Caribou County member Tracy Lakey:

FB: Are you excited to be at the Idaho Farm Bureau Annual Meeting?

Lau:This is my first Annual Meeting as a President.

FB:So here you are a new woman President jumping into a House of Delegates meeting with all the other Presidents, are you nervous?

Lau: No, you know this organization is pretty good that way, they treat you right and equal. Ive felt very welcome, but no problems being a woman, Ive been to the House of Delegates and the fact that I might wear a skirt sometimes is no problem.

FB:What issues are you tracking?

Lau: Nothing too monumental, but there are a few healthcare resolutions that Im following, one of which was tabled. Caribou County did make a resolution dealing with the possibility of the s of a mileage tax, we get taxed extra depending on how many miles we drive, we get taxed plenty already, plus we pay fuel tax already.

FB:Other issues out there of note like brucellosis, tracking anything like that on the radar screen?

Lau:We are as producers, but our County is not dealing with that right now. A couple of years ago when we were trying to figure out what the new plan was going to be we were engaged, because there was a plan to divide the state and we thought that was a horrid idea. I think the current system seems to be working well, we've been watching the elk situation but the current master plan is working well.

FB:Tracy Lakey of Lakey Farms, what issues are you following here at the convention:

Im here learning, so not watching anything particularly...


I'm more interested in the Social Networking workshop, It's the way of the future all politics will eventually flow through social networks. I think you can fight it and stay in the dark or get online and get informed.

FB:Farm Bureau is old school politics from the ground up, your thoughts being here and being involved.

Lau: In the past I have been involved in other organizations and I felt like, because I wasn’t involved in a long-standing family or from a big enough operation or we were too weird that we didn't have a seat at the table. The Farm Bureau and Caribou County has welcomed me 10 years ago and every time I've showed up here at convention or the House of Delegates that I get a chance to speak my mind and sometimes they all agree with me and sometimes they don’t. Its been nice, and anyone that chooses to be active can have a powerful voice.

Lakey: I agree completely. You don’t have to be somebody, you can just be yourself, speak your mind and have a say, its nice to know that you have that.

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