Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Idaho Farm Bureau Annual Meeting, Coeur d'Alene

Steadman's Awarded the President's Cup

Coeur d'Alene-Susan and Lynn Steadman were award the Idaho Farm Bureau's highest honor:
The President's Cup. The Steadman's joined Farm Bureau back in the early 80's, in 1982 they were first honored as Outstanding Young Farmers and Ranchers.

A respectful and hushed crowd listened intently as President Frank Priestley made the President's Cup announcement. When the Steadman's were the announced winners, all 300 members in attendance burst into a standing ovation.

"Some of my dearst friends are Farm Bureau members," a chocked up Steadman, whispered into the microphone. "I have so many friends here tonight."

Rick Keller of the Farm Bureau has known the Steadman's since the early days of Farm Bureau. He recalls when the couple first served in Young Farmers & Ranchers that they gravitated to shy, new members. "They were inclusive, anyone standing by themselves they would go over to them embrace them and bring them in."

Lynn Steadman has the distinction of holding leadership positions at every level of the Farm Bureau, starting with the YF&R, The County Board and rising to Vice President. He still serves on the State Resolutions Committee and is still active in his County.

"He's touched everyone in this room," said Idaho Farm Bureau President Frank Priestley. He's has done so much for us through the years, he and Susan, its fitting that he won the Cup tonight."

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