Monday, February 6, 2012

Women's Leadership Committee, Speech Contest

Filer Sophomore Wins Women's Leadership Committee Speech Contest

Boise--Frank Taylor of Filer High School won the Idaho Farm Bureau’s Annual Speech Contest at the Idaho Statehouse this morning. The contest is sponsored by the Women’s Leadership Committee.

I started with the idea of updating ‘Old McDonald had a farm,’ said Taylor. The Speech hit on issues and experiences that everyone in the room could relate to, he added. “There are a lot of speeches out there but the problem is that they’re just a wall of information, thats okay for research papers. If you’re giving a speech you want them to want to hear it so you have to entertain them, thats what I did today,” he beamed.

This is the second year in a row that Filer High school has won the event, last year they took first and second place. Taylor admitted that he knows little about agriculture, but learned a lot during his research. “I have uncles that farm, but other than that I’m a city kid.”

Idaho Lieutenant Governor Brad Little welcomed the 7 contestants to the West Wing of the Senate. He emphasized the importance of communication in agriculture and urged students to not only farm, but to tell the world about their farming operations.

Frank Taylor took home $150 in scholarship money, runner ups took home $100, the contestants took a tour of the Idaho Statehouse, Taylor gave his speech again in front of the Idaho Farm Bureau Commodity Conference at the Downtowner.

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