Wednesday, March 21, 2012

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Congress Needs to Get Moving on Transportation Bill

Washington--Will the highway project in your county be shut down soon? It depends on whether or not Congress beats a looming deadline. The current transportation bill expires on March 31. If Congress does move quickly to pass new legislation, many state transportation projects will grind to a halt. And there will be no mechanism to collect the federal gas tax that funds the Highway Trust Fund.

The Senate recently passed a version of the transportation bill with a strong bipartisan 74-22 vote. That leaves the ball in the House of Representatives’ court.

“There is strong feeling in the House to not just do a two-year bill, but a longer-term, five-year bill that would give some certainty to municipalities, to states so that they know that they can do their projects and have a timeline and have funding guaranteed,” said Andrew Walmsley, American Farm Bureau Federation’s transportation specialist. He noted in a Newsline radio story that it’s likely Congress will agree on a short-term extension.

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