Friday, April 20, 2012

Just in from Washington

Corn Planting Continues at Record Pace

Washington--The progress of corn planting continues in the U.S. at a record pace, according to the latest report from the Agriculture Department, which provides information on the top 18 corn-producing states. About 17 percent of corn expected to be planted is now in the ground. This represents a doubling of corn planting progress by farmers for the second week in a row according to USDA. This exceptional pace makes 2012 the third-fastest year for corn planting since 1985, just slightly behind this same week in 2004 (20 percent) and 2010 (19 percent).

Tennessee is currently in the lead according to USDA, with 80 percent of the corn crop in the ground. This is an increase of 34 percentage points from last week—the largest increase reported. Kentucky also made significant gains with 59 percent of corn planted, compared to 32 percent one week ago. In Ohio, 10 percent of the corn has been planted.

Last year the national average for the percentage of corn planted did not reach 17 percent until the middle of May, due to weather issues. A Dairy Herd Network article includes a clickable map where you see how other states are progressing with corn planting.

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