Friday, May 25, 2012

How Much Will Your Holiday Travel Cost?
Washington--Gas prices have generally dropped heading into the Memorial Day weekend, but experts say prices may start to rise again in some parts of the country before people hit the road for holiday travel.

On Tuesday, Ohio gas prices on average increased 6 cents during the day. Kentucky saw an average increase of 5 cents. According to AAA in its May 21 report, “Although the national average price has steadily fallen, this decline has been led by states east of the Rocky Mountains, while those West (including Alaska) have in fact seen prices rise during the last month.”
California (14.1 cents), Washington (12.6 cents) and Oregon (15.8 cents) have all seen more pronounced increases in AAA’s month-over-month analysis.

AAA estimates that more than 35 million Americans will take to the road this weekend. To see how expensive your Memorial Day travel could be, check out AAA’s Daily Fuel Gauge Report, which details state-by-state gas prices.

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