Thursday, May 17, 2012

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Boise--Local races and closed primaries impacted voter turnout across Idaho on Tuesday, with a few counties seeing huge percentages and others record low numbers.
Tim Hurst, chief deputy secretary of state, said official counts aren’t in yet, but he estimated a statewide turnout of about 24 percent. 
But some counties like Clark County in Central Idaho, had a turnout of 303 of 435 registered voters show up to vote.
The Magic Valley saw record turnouts mainly due to newcomers trying to win new District seats.
Franklin and Bear Lake counties also had about 50 percent participation, Hurst said.
“The ones that we saw big turnouts in, there were local issues involved in those,” he said.
But that wasn’t the case everywhere.
 Ada County, which had multiple contested legislative, county commission and sheriff’s races, had 16.7 percent turnout.
Those low numbers might be due to disenfranchised voters unhappy with the newly closed Republican primary, which required voters to affiliate with the party before voting on their ballot. The Democratic primary remained open to all voters, regardless of affiliation.

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