Monday, May 7, 2012

Transportation Bill a Big Deal for Farmers

Washington--Everyone uses the roads, but when using them is a big part of your business, how they’re maintained affects your bottom line. Andrew Walmsley, the American Farm Bureau Federation’s transportation specialist, explained in aNewsline radio story how a new transportation bill could make that part of farmers’ and ranchers’ businesses better.

“Provisions in the legislation would exempt farmers and ranchers from a bunch of federal regulations if they haul their goods over state lines,” Walmsley said. The exemptions would stop farmers from being subject to regulations that apply to long-haul, commercial truck drivers. Another provision in the legislation would allow farm suppliers to deliver agricultural products to farms and ranches at the busiest times of the year without being restricted by hours of service rules that also affect long-haul truckers.

The Senate has passed a new two-year transportation bill, while the House recently passed another short-term extension of the surface transportation bill that expired in 2009.  House and Senate conferees will now work together to reconcile the two versions of the bill.

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