Friday, November 30, 2012

Just in from Washington

America’s Farm Bill is Worth Doing Right  
Washington--“An old proverb states that a job worth doing is a job worth doing well,” wrote AFBF President Bob Stallman on  The Hill’s Congress blog on Wednesday. 

Stallman went on to note, “Our farm bill and all it offers our nation as an engine for commerce, a safety net for all Americans facing economic hardship and as a spur to greater environmental stewardship is a task worth doing right. Make no mistake, whether the 112th Congress completes this job in the form of a bipartisan comprehensive five-year plan or simply kicks the can down the road with a stop-gap extension, its handling of the farm bill process will likely help decide its legacy and the future of our food system.” 

Stallman also pointed out that an extension farm bill only raises more questions than it answers. He also said that farmers are proud stewards of the land and our vital natural resources, but Congress’ failure to act has put a stop to many important environmental efforts and planning.  

In closing, Stallman asked, “When it comes to the food system of our country as well as consumers’ and taxpayers’ pocketbooks to help pay for that food system, isn’t the farm bill worth doing right?”  

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