Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Idaho Farm Bureau Annual Meeting

Idaho Governor Butch Otter Addresses the Farm Bureau

Boise--Idaho Governor Butch Otter says he was disappointed with last months election but the work continues. "I'd often wondered what a second Jimmy Carter term would look like, now I know."  Otter says administration will stand firm and continue to fight for just causes.

Bits and pieces of the the three Education bills will resurface in the 2012 Legislature. "The Status Quo is unacceptable," said Otter. Otter says his administration is also looking at next years budget, "Im going through each department's budget line by line. I believe in zero-based budgeting, I think we need to start from zero each year. If we gave a department a million bucks, I want to see the benefits of that."
Otter says he's hoping for a short session but tight financial times should negate that.

The Governor thanked the Farm Bureau for being there and helping out when needed, he pointed to the ESA listing of slick spot pepper grass issue in which the Farm Bureau donated cash to keep the plant off the list. "You helped out and I thank you."

After an hour speech the crowd listened intently, when the governor finished it was to a standing ovation.

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