Wednesday, December 5, 2012

IFBF 2012 Annual Meeting

Elizabeth Kohtz, Twin Falls, Young Farmer and Rancher discussion meet winner

The Farm Bureau’s Jake Putnam caught up with this years YF&R winner, here’s the interview:

How did you get involved in the discussion meet?

I got involved a few years ago when one of my friends asked me if I would do it. It was a great experience for me and then when I started talking to my Dad he had gone to a national convention and so I became energized about it and wanted to compete well and its been a great experience for me.

The discussion meet is not a debate instead an inclusive discussion, depending on the topic, it can be very difficult...

A lot of people think its going to be a debate but its not true. Its for people to come up with a topic, share and talk about their ideas, even bounce ideas off each other. By the end of the conversation they have a way of solving the problem that was given to you.

The discussion topic was difficult...

It was a very difficult topic. It was about passing on the farm from generation to generation of course that involves estate and capital gain taxes and its about getting an older generation involved with having a business plan and even evaluating if an operation is viable and thats a difficult conversation to have with anyone. And then another difficulty is that everyone has their own ideas. All four of the finalist in the State final were very well versed, so it was hard to get thoughts across to the audience.

What’s your background in Ag?

I grew up on a dairy farm south of Twin Falls and I was always out on the farm with my Dad. My Mom was a Home Ec teacher and she was disappointed that her own daughter could not cook and sew. I graduated from University of Idaho then Washington State Veterinary School for four years. I then returned back to Idaho to raise my two small girls a one and a half year old and a three and a half year old. We own 65 acres that I manage and do the irrigation on and we’re just excited to be a part of agriculture.

Now its on to Nationals in Nashville in January?

Ill take about a week off, my girls will be excited to see Mommy and not having Mommy go back to the bedroom to study. So Im going to take about a week off and then Ill start hitting the books again especially with all the legislation changes at the end of the year and I wont be able to study some of those things until January 1st when we know exactly whats going on with our fiscal cliff. Ill just have to hit the books hard, then look forward to the National convention in January.

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