Monday, April 1, 2013

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Wally Butler named President of Society for Range Management

Boise--After a lifetime of work on the range, long time range manager Wally Butler found a home on the range.

Butler took over the reins of the Society for Range Management in February for a one-year term.

“Its an international organization with membership of at least a hundred different countries,” said Butler. 

The Society For Range Management is headquartered Denver. Butler says its an organization of range managers. “Its a very broad scoped organization, that’s everyone from professors to research people to ranchers and range consultants like myself.”

Butler has served as the Idaho Farm Bureau range and livestock Specialist for the past 15 years. The University of Idaho graduate has a bachelor of science, animal science and a masters degree in range management. He joined the Society while still a student at the U of I.

“It’s was an organization that caught my eye back in Moscow, they were the only organization doing viable scientific research at the time, I knew I had to belong back then and still do.”

During Butler’s long career he ranched for more than 15 years in the Kendrick area before working his way back into the range consultant business. 

At the Farm Bureau he’s a salaried lobbyist and works closely with Farm Bureau members who as a perk of membership, get his expertise from Bonners Ferry to Bear Lake, year round. He says his SRM appointment dovetails with the Farm Bureau.

“I think its a valuable thing to members,” said Butler. “And its a good deal because every year we do an officer team fly back to  Washington. We get face to face meetings with agency heads, range staffers for the various agencies. We meet with the NRCS, the BLM and Forest Service, and we’re are on a first name basis with those folks because they’re also members of the Society.”

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