Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Just in from Gem County

Emmett--Gem County Farm Bureau President Vaughn Jensen and Idaho Representative John Gannon of Boise harvest the last of the Gem County wheat crop.

"We invited lawmakers from Idaho's urban legislative districts to our wheat harvest," said Gem County President Vaughn Jensen. "We wanted to show them what we do come harvest time so the next time they have a farm vote, they know what we're all about."

Gem County farmers lined up six combines in a field near Black Canyon Dam, lawmakers rode along with farmers while they harvested the last of the 2013 wheat crop. The last field of wheat were harvested by farmers and lawmakers in just over an hour at sunset.

"I can't believe how much wheat we harvested in just a few minutes," said Gannon. "I learned a lot and it was fun too."

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