Tuesday, October 1, 2013

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Federal Govt shut down...may not be noticeable, for now

Washington--A federal government shutdown could affect thousands of employees but a lot of people would barely notice. Agency directives being posted in recent days raise little alarm over what federal work won’t get done. Most of those immediately thought of as federal employees will be expected to show up anyway, even if they are not being paid.

Social Security checks will be issued and Medicare and Medicaid business will be processed, according to federal guidelines. Air-traffic controllers will scan the skies and Transportation Security Administration workers, like it or not, will be at their posts. Authorities are taking pains to ensure that a shutdown will not snarl air travel, unlike a debate in the spring over mandatory federal budget cuts—the “sequester.”

Veterans hospitals would remain open and the caseloads would continue in federal court, although the judiciary could slowly wind down its business if the congressional funding stalemate drags on. The FBI and the Justice Department will remain on guard. The mail will be delivered because the U.S. Postal Service isn't government-funded, even if its finances might invite a government bailout.

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