Thursday, February 20, 2014

Buy Idaho

Boise--The Idaho Statehouse hosted the Buy Idaho trade show on Wednesday. More than a hundred unique, Idaho products were displayed including Ben Biere out of Nampa. His company sells garden compost. We interviewed the innovative enterpreneur:

"It is what it is, a natural compost from a dairy in Nampa. It has since gone under but we got lots of extra compost so we decided to put it in bags and sell it. Right now we are at D&B supplies and we are looking to grow across the state and across the Northwest as well.

Will you run out of manure?

No, we have plenty saved and eventually we will buy from other dairies.
Our market right now is the backyard gardener the home gardener, anyone who plants or wants to grow anything, its who were pointed at, its a broad spectrum group and we have a pointed approach for it.

Its another avenue for dairies to make money as well. This and to be able to use the product is a whole another revenue stream, its good and there’s nothing good about it. Its been done a multiple places across the state and we took the name and decided to build a product out off it.

This is buy Idaho in its purest form?

Yes. Buy Idaho is one of the first groups we wanted to join once we got established. that was part of our marketing program to be able to everybody else, its what we really wanted to be involved in. We’ve had a lot of notoriety with the contests we’ve in. And thats made it easy for us as well, Buy Idaho is a very important thing for us.

Buy poop in Idaho,

Buy Idaho poop! (laughs)

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