Wednesday, February 26, 2014

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One Month Snowpack turnaround 'Historic'

Boise--On February 1st snowpack numbers were dismal, the worst in decades across Idaho. Then a series of storms started hitting the Gem State.

"Just barely a month ago the snowpacks in Idaho were just barely 50-80 percent of average and it wasn't looking good for Idaho farmers, then a sudden change in the weather brought moisture almost continuously up from the tropics. That storm track usually favors Central and Northern Idaho but it carried its way through Eastern Idaho as well," said snowpack specialist Phil Morrisey of the USDA.

That storm track is called the 'Pineapple express' because the storms are generated in the south Pacific. The Snowpack numbers have been nothing short of historic and broke many single month records according Morrisey.

"So I did some checking of snotel sites, based on history it looks like in general the Upper Snake which is a big portion of Idaho's farm water is above normal. We went from barely 50-percent to above normal, thats 2-3 times the normal amount for the month and in fact the most in the third cycle, and the highest February chance since 1980," added Morrisey.

Morrisey calls the winter of 2014 an 'extreme event' with three times the normal snowpack in less than 25 days.

"If we don't get another snowflake, we'll finish the year with an above normal snowpack this season across most of the state, sure there are still a few problem areas but for the most part this has been a historic month," said Morrisey

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