Friday, February 28, 2014

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AFBF Ag Labor Study Featured in Wall Street Journal Editorial

Washington--The American Farm Bureau Federation's recently released ag labor study, "Gauging the Farm Sector's Sensitivity to Immigration Reform," was featured in a Wall Street Journal editorial published today.

"Republicans are often first in line to vote for farm subsidies," notes the lead of the editorial titled "Fruits of Immigrant Labor."  Further, "But when it comes to lending  farmers a hand by modernizing the country's guest worker program, many hide in the corn stalks," according to the WSJ. AFBF's study quantifies the cost to agriculture of the GOP's immigration duck, points out the editorial, which also highlight key points of the study, including the economic consequences of various reforms such as an enforcement-only approach, which would lead to a 5 percent to 6 percent increase in retail food prices.

"Republicans have killed immigration reform for now, but the Farm Bureau study shows that in the real economy it's still needed," notes the editorial in conclusion.  The study is posted at:

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