Monday, April 14, 2014

Just in from Boise

Idaho Farm Bureau Expands Social Media Reach
Boise—The Idaho Farm Bureau added two new social media properties while re-launching their smartphone application this spring.
“Research has shown that people want their news media delivered on their time,” said Public Relations Director John Thompson. “People want to listen on their schedule, and they want content delivered to their smart phone.”
Earlier this month Idaho Farm Bureau built a new podcast site for their growing radio audience. The Farm Bureau’s Buzzsprout site went live late in March and features statewide agriculture news, feature stories and the latest news from Washington.
The Idaho Farm Bureau also launched a podcast site in Apple iTunes store, bringing Idaho agriculture to a worldwide audience. The new podcast dovetails with Iphone App also available in the Itunes store, and in the Droid store.
“Having our podcast in both sites has quadrupled our audience and the demand for our news product is very strong. We went from a respectable Idaho audience to a worldwide audience,” said State Media Manager Jake Putnam.
The new podcast sites are cutting new ground as the radio marketplace continues to change. Local programing, news and talk shows are disappearing while specialty podcasts and local radio programming are turning to the internet.
“Our listeners are finding us on itunes,Facebook,Twitter, Buzzsprout and the Farm Bureau website. The pace of change is dizzying. We’re inventing as we go and we’re finding listeners and our challenge is keeping up with demand,” added Putnam.
“We had to rebuild the app to handle radio operations, we added new graphics and streamlined it. It’s a classic, one-stop app, meaning that all our properties are there, in one place, on the smartphone,” added Putnam
The app carries Farm Bureaus award winning video reports, the daily blog and the podcast. You can also check out IFBF’s latest Tweets, along with the latest photos posted on Flickr. There’s also new feature in the app called Buzzfeed.
“Buzzfeed has a search engine that searches the internet for anything mentioning the Idaho Farm Bureau, Idaho potatoes, crops, cattle and dairy. “It’s amazing to see all the things written about us from around the country,” said Thompson.
The Idaho Farm Bureau’s innovation is also expanding to traditional airwaves. The new Farm Bureau podcast is available to local radio stations across Idaho.
“Local radio stations can download our radio content from the IFBF website, free of charge. We recognize there’s a lack of agricultural based programming on the local airwaves, we’re addressing that demand. I see it as filling a void and we’re doing it for free,” said Putnam.
You can download the latest podcasts here:
IFBF podcast:
Idaho Farm Bureau website:

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