Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Just in from Elmore County

Elmore County Farm Bureau and D&B help FFA

Mountain Home--Elmore County Farm Bureau President Paul Shrum went to work helping the Future Farmers of America class at Glenns Ferry. They needed tools and had a limited budget. He approached D&B Supply Manager Steve Wilson.

"I was approached a few weeks back by Paul Shrum. He wanted to purchased tools for the Glenns Ferry FFA class with a $800 dollar budget. As luck would have it the PBR was coming up soon and we were going to have a DEWALT sale. After some good times shopping, trading in some old tools and someextra help from our own donation budget, I was able to present Rick Hance (FFA teacher) with over $1200 dollars worth of tools and accessories. It was awesome working with both Paul Shrum of the Idaho Farm Bureau and Rick Hance to get the Glenns Ferry FFA class some much needed and appreciated tools."

Thank you to all FFA members and supporters in all communities, we appreciate you.

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