Friday, April 25, 2014

Just in from Weiser

Spring Branding Complete at Chandler Ranch                                     (Dalley photo)

Weiser--Cody Chandler has the weight of the world off his shoulders, spring branding is done and now he can move his cattle to the summer range.

Chandler gets by with help from his friends, he invites best friends and kids for the spring outing. The group had a lot of work ahead of them branding more than two-hundred calves.

"I call them, and they come," said Chandler. "We invite the whole family, the kids run the branding iron back and forth, they help gather the cows in the morning, after that they do a lot playing," he laughs.

Chandler says ranching is demanding work, "With everyone working their own operations its the only time we can all get together. Its a good excuse to get together and have a good time."

Kimmel Dalley, her girls and husband drove in from Blackfoot for the annual event. "Its the hardest job you'll ever love and we love it."  Kimmel documented the event snapping photos that will soon become precious family lore.

"Their cousins showed, the Roberts and us," said Dalley. "The girls get to ride and play and they get to see their friends too."

The Chandlers we'll brand three times this year, "it just depends when the calves are ready and the pasture is ready to go," said Chandler. He says with great company the branding goes quick.

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