Wednesday, April 2, 2014

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AFBF Responds to EPA's Proposed Rule on 'Waters of the U.S.'

Washington--The American Farm Farm Bureau weighed in on the EPA's proposed rule on 'waters of the US.'
"The results of our review are dismaying," said American Farm Bureau Federation President Bob Stallman, regarding the Environmental Protection Agency's proposed rule on "waters of the U.S," which was released March 25. "Clean Water Act jurisdiction over farmlands amounts to nothing less than federal veto power over a farmer's ability to farm," Stallman said in a statement.

"The EPA proposal poses a serious threat to farmers, ranchers and other landowners," explained Stallman. "Under EPA's proposed new rule, waters-even ditches-are regulated even if they are miles from the nearest 'navigable' waters. Indeed, so-called 'waters' are regulated even if they aren't wet most of the time. EPA says its new rule will reduce uncertainty, and that much seems to be true: there isn't much uncertainty if most every feature where water flows or stands after a rainfall is federally regulated."

The American Farm Bureau Federation is dedicated to opposing this attempted end run around the limits set by Congress and the Supreme Court.

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