Tuesday, April 8, 2014

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Crews repair Northside Canal just in time for 2014 season

Emmett--Gem County Agriculture came to a screeching halt last June when leaking water from the Northside canal above Highway 52 triggered a landslide onto the roadway outside of Emmett.

The Canal was immediately closed and repaired and last fall crews made large scale returns to prevent leaks and landslides that threatened to cut off 18-thousand acres of crop last summer.

"We drilled 80 hollow soil nails into the bank under the canal, they're 20 feet long. They filled them full of concrete and then hung mesh on the outside with rebar then sprayed about an eight inch wall of concrete to seal it up," said Mike Mitchell of Emmett Irrigation District.

 Water started flowing in the canal this week, and so far the repairs are working. "We shouldn't have any more slides in that area," added Mitchell.

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