Monday, April 7, 2014

March Snowpack numbers in

Snowpack continues to Improve

Boise--its been raining and snowing since the first week of February across Idaho and a cool spring is keeping snowpack in the mountains.With back to back months of above normal precipitation, thats completely changed the dire forecasts in January.

 March precipitation brought more rain in the lower elevations and snow to the high county and even a few storms in early April added more moisture to the pack. March precipitation levels were 170-190% of normal in the Spokane, Clearwater, Weiser, Payette and Henrys Fork basins. 

The least amount fell in the Little Lost basin, only 103% of normal while other southern Idaho basins were 120-140% above normal except for Goose Creek and the Upper Snake basins at 160%. Snowpacks are the highest at 145-160% of normal in the Upper Snake above Palisades and to 131% above American Falls. The Clearwater basin is 135% of average followed by the Bear and Henrys Fork at 125%. 

The lowest snowpacks remain in the Owyhee at 46% of normal, and 50-70% in the Bruneau, Little Wood and Weiser basins. 

Reservoirs are in good shape and are ready to capture the runoff from this year’s mountain snowpack. Some reservoirs will fill and some won’t. Streamflow forecasts mirror the snowpack with above average volumes forecast in the Upper Snake and Clearwater basins.

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